Spanish Teaching

Spanish Teaching

Students in the Spanish teaching program are immersed in the language and culture of the Spanish-speaking world through studies in language, literature, and cultural traditions. In addition, the program helps our students develop a solid foundation for teaching methods and classroom leadership through professional education courses and student teaching experiences. Students will gain valuable skills in writing, public speaking and translation that makes them sought-after candidates in a variety of professions. 


With excellent faculty, three different field experiences, and a full semester of student teaching, graduates are well prepared for starting their professional careers. 

Community engagement experiences are embedded in most advanced Spanish courses.


Take the Language Placement Test before signing up for language classes. If you’ve taken courses at a two- or four-year institution other than UNI and want to get an idea of what courses will transfer, check out our Transfer Plans of Study at:


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Field Experience

As a Spanish education major, you will have three field experiences in which you will explore, define and sharpen your skills as a future classroom teacher.  Your teaching experience will be capped off with a 16-week student teaching opportunity which can be done in Iowa, throughout the United States or overseas.

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Educator Prep

Students in UNI’s educator preparation programs acquire more than 700 hours of hands-on classroom experience before graduation. This is done through more than 350 school district partnerships, 9 Iowa student teaching centers, and one out of state & international student teaching center that coordinates all out of state and international student teaching placements.

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Spanish Heritage Speakers Courses

Heritage Language classes allow bilingual students of varying abilities to further develop oral and written skills in Spanish as part of a degree program or to further professional advancement in other fields. Students who successfully pass Spanish for Heritage Speakers are eligible to automatically earn up to 18 Spanish credits. Many heritage learners go on to take more advanced courses in literature, cultural studies, translation, and linguistics in Spanish. They also participate in study abroad programs and internships where they apply their Spanish language skills out in the world.


96% of last year's UNI graduates are employed or continuing their education




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