Science Education

Science Education

The science education program is involved in teaching future elementary and secondary science teachers. Classes revolve around inquiry, which is a science process teaching approach and is based on content standards, and experimental learning to model the future teaching methods for students.

UNI focuses on preparing middle and high school teachers with the choice of six secondary science teaching majors: biology, earth science, physics, chemistry or general science teaching. With excellent faculty, 80 hours of field experience, as well as a full semester of student teaching, students are well prepared for starting their professional careers. 

Awarded a Carver Charitable Trust grant to expand the FOSS science kits consistent with the Iowa Core and the Next Generation Science Standards.


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Science Education

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Science Education

The Science Education Resource Center (SERC) is a curriculum materials center for science for UNI students, faculty, and K through 12 science teachers. The SERC has print materials, including science tests, activity books, science standards and pedagogy materials. 

Science Education
Well-prepared Teachers

Students in UNI’s educator preparation programs acquire more than 750 hours of hands-on classroom experience before graduation. This is done through more than 350 school district partnerships, 11 Iowa field experience centers, 7 U.S. field experience centers and more than 15 international field experience centers.


96% of last year's graduates are either continuing their education or employed




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Lawrence Escalada
Director of Science Education
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