Science Education

Science Education

The University of Northern Iowa Science Education program works to prepare science teachers with the content knowledge, pedagogical knowledge, and experiences to effectively implement research-based science instruction, and to be exemplary teachers in their schools.


Graduates of our Comprehensive Secondary Science teaching major are widely sought after by school districts, because they are able to teach all science subjects. Additionally, our Middle Level Science teaching major is a dual major that allows you to teach not only science but another subject including Math, Social Studies, or English.


The Comprehensive Secondary and Middle Level Science teaching majors at UNI – housed within Science Education – combine a broad education in science with UNI’s outstanding teacher preparation program. Students who are interested in becoming Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, or Physics teaching majors would pursue those majors in their respective science departments. These science teaching majors are encouraged to pick up additional science endorsements. Students majoring in all secondary science teaching programs will take a variety of science content and methods courses, along with professional education courses and intensive field and student teaching experiences. 


All secondary science teaching majors have access to scholarships specific to their majors and to individual faculty advisors. Students also have access to a modern and model multimedia science content and methods classroom and lab room that is available for both science content and methods courses but also for professional development and outreach events.  They have access to instructional resources available for check out from the Science Education Resource Center (SERC) and have the opportunity to work in the SERC in part-time positions related to their future careers.  


Our faculty members include experts from the various science departments and Science Education program in the College of Humanities, Arts and Sciences (CHAS), as well as faculty from the College of Education.


What sets science education at the University of Northern Iowa apart from every other institution in the state is the fact that classes are taught by science faculty with educational expertise, who work specifically with science teaching majors. In addition, all of the secondary science teaching majors are housed within science departments. This makes for a seamless integration of science content and teaching methods, especially those specific to science teaching and supported by current research.


Science Education also offers the UNI Science Education Update Conference - a one day professional development conference for secondary science teachers offered each spring with sessions, mini-workshops, and exhibits that provide existing and future teachers with instructional strategies and resources that they can implement in their classrooms as well as science content to build their confidence in teaching science.


Did you know that our Middle Level Science teaching major is a dual major, which allows you to teach not only science but another subject such as Math, Social Studies, or English?


If you’ve taken courses at a two- or four-year institution other than UNI and want to get an idea of what courses will transfer, check out our Transfer Plan-It tool at


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There are several scholarship opportunities for students. For a full list, visit  

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The Science Education Resource Center (SERC) is a curriculum materials center for science for UNI students, faculty, and K through 12 science teachers within the Central Rivers Area Education Agency (AEA). The SERC provides access to science kits, print materials, including science tests, activity books, science standards and pedagogy materials for checkout with delivery to schools via AEA van service.  

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Educator Prep

Students in UNI’s educator preparation programs acquire more than 700 hours of hands-on classroom experience before graduation. This is done through more than 350 school district partnerships, 9 Iowa student teaching centers, and one out of state & international student teaching center that coordinates all out of state and international student teaching placements.


96% of last year's graduates are either continuing their education or employed




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Lawrence Escalada
Director of Science Education
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