Philosophy & Religion

Philosophy & Religion

The Department of Philosophy and World Religions offers major programs in philosophy and the study of religion as well as a minor in ethics. In each of these programs, students are exposed to some of the most important questions in life, read fascinating and challenging books, and engage in exciting discussions with their professors and with other students. All three programs are meant to prepare students for a life worth living by cultivating the intellectual skills of reading, writing and critical thinking, and by exposing them to some of the most thoughtful writings having to do with human knowledge, wisdom and values

Philosophy and religion majors consistently obtain among the highest scores on the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT). In fact, they do significantly better on the LSAT than political science or criminology majors.


We welcome transfer students in our majors and minors.  For individualized advice on course selection, please see the Department Head, Professor Hill in Bartlett Hall 1089, or email her at


Philosophy & Religion

Several scholarship opportunities are available for students in the philosophy and world religions department. The CHFA Philosophy and World Religions Scholarship offers $1,000 per year. The Robert M. Schwyhart Memorial Endowed Scholarship provides $1,500-$2,500 per year. The Mabel Haywood Scholarship offers students $250-400 per year.

Philosophy & Religion

The Philosophy Club is a student group that organizes discussions and presentations about a wide variety of topics related to philosophy. 

Philosophy & Religion

The Explorers of Religion is a student group that organizes discussions and presentations about a wide variety of topics related to the academic study of religion. 


96% of last year's graduates are either continuing their education or employed




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