Nursing (Pre-Professional)

Nursing (Pre-Professional)

For students who know their career goal is to become a nurse. There are three tracks for completion of a nursing degree at the University of Northern Iowa - the Pre-Professional nursing track, the Health Sciences 3+1 track, and the Biology 3+1 track.

Each program has its own unique features and can be a great option for students looking to pursue a career in nursing. The Pre-Professional track is meant for students who are looking to complete the prerequisite coursework for a specific nursing program in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

Students pursuing this track will complete the necessary coursework for their program of choice, apply to that school and/or program, and transfer after the duration of that coursework.

The Pre-Professional track varies in length dependent on the transfer institution. Generally, students will take three or four semesters of coursework at UNI before transferring.

the Pre-Professional track does not earn students a degree from UNI, but is typically the best option for students who know they want to be a nurse.

UNI's Pre-Nursing Program is one of the top major choices for freshmen students.


If you've taken courses at a two- or four-year institution other than UNI and want to get an idea of what courses will transfer, check out our Transfer Plan-It tool at


Nursing (Pre-Professional)

Nursing (3+1 partnership with Allen College - Biology)

Nursing (3+1 partnership with Allen College - Health Sciences)


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Opportunities of Involvement

The Nursing Club brings together students and UNI staff interested in discussing nursing-related topics. The club is open to all nursing majors (Pre- and 3+1 students).

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Current Students and Alumni

Get to know some of the current nursing students, in addition to the successful alumni. The nursing programs at UNI have done an excellent job of making connections between current students and alumni.

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Apart from the UNI Scholarship Application that all students are encouraged to complete, there are a few options for nursing students to complete and receive nationally-based scholarships. In addition, there is a State of Iowa forgivable loan program for nurses also available.


96% of last year's UNI graduates are employed or continuing their education


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