Military Science

Military Science

Army ROTC is the Nation’s premier college-level leadership training program that commissions 75% of the Army’s Officers. As a member of the UNI ROTC Panther Battalion, you will be part of a team dedicated to making you a confident and competent leader. Upon graduation from college and completion of ROTC, you will become a Commissioned Officer in the Army, Army National Guard, or Army Reserve and be a leader for life.  The ROTC program has two courses. The basic course is the first two years of ROTC and consists of one military science class each semester. The basic course is open to all UNI students and they can take these classes without any service obligation to the Army. The advanced course is the last two years of the program. Students must commit to serving as an officer before taking the last two years of ROTC.

Second place in 3rd ROTC Brigade for Recruiting and Retention 2014, 2015


Transfer students with no prior Army service will need to have two academic years remaining and attend the Basic camp (4 weeks) at Fort Knox, KY prior to those last two years. Transfer students with prior service can enroll in the last two years of the program with no additional requirements pending department approval.


Military Science

ROTC offers several merit-based scholarship programs that range in terms from four years to two years. Scholarships pay $10,000 a year for room and board or 100 percent of tuition and fees; $600 per semester book allowance; and a monthly stipend that ranges from $300 per month as a freshman to $500 per month as a senior. Graduate students can compete for a 2-year Masters Scholarships. Students must meet all Army qualifications for scholarships. Students that accept a scholarship make a commitment to the Army.

Cultural Understanding and Language Proficiency Program group photo

Students who have committed to becoming Army officers can volunteer for the CULP program. Cadets travel the globe, spending up to three weeks immersed in foreign cultures, learning more about how others around the world view the U.S. and, in the process, learning more about themselves. UNI Cadets have attended countries such as Peru, Madagascar, Tanzania, Bosnia, Kosovo, and Macedonia. All funding for the program is provided by the Army.

Leader Training

ROTC develops leaders through various training events and activities. Learning starts in the classroom with a leadership focused course curriculum. Cadets also participate in a weekly leadership laboratory where they start to practice hands-on leadership as members of a small Army unit. Every semester, cadets will go off campus for a weekend Field Training Exercise. In the spring, this exercise includes cadets from Iowa State, University of Iowa, University of Nebraska, and Creighton University. Cadets who have not been to Army Basic Training will attend the Basic Training at Fort Knox after their freshman year and then all cadets will complete the Advance Camp at Fort Knox after their junior year. Cadets can also volunteer to spend three to four weeks with an active duty unit after their Advance Camp as part of the Cadet Troop Leadership Training program.


96% of last year's graduates are either continuing their education or employed


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