Interdisciplinary Programs

Interdisciplinary Studies

UNI offers several majors that are considered "interdisciplinary," meaning the programs are not offered under a specific department, but rather by several committees, departments or colleges at the university. Interdisciplinary majors are designed to meet the growing needs and interests of students who wish to obtain broad knowledge in several fields. 

International Studies

Expand your degree with international studies. A minor or certificate in international business will open a new world of possibilities.

As the world expands, employers need business professionals with the ability to operate in multi-lingual and diverse cultural environments. The international minor or certificate will give you the communication skills and cultural knowledge needed to understand the global environment in which business operates.

Liberal Studies

The Bachelor of Liberal Studies offers a convenient, flexible alternative to the traditional path to a bachelor's degree. This self-paced program affords students the opportunity to balance the important things in life while earning a degree. A fully-accredited degree program offered by each of the three Iowa Regents Universities, BLS allows students to finish a degree from where they live. There are no residency requirements, so students can take classes and graduate without ever coming to campus.

Individual Studies

If it is found that the university does not offer the major desired, it may be possible, through the individual studies program, for a student to create his/her own program of study. The purpose of the individual studies major is twofold: 1) to enable a student to design an individualized major by selecting courses from several academic departments, and 2) to explore interdisciplinary areas of study before those areas are formally adopted as departmental or interdepartmental majors.

Global Studies

The global studies major draws from all of the university’s four undergraduate colleges to provide a well-rounded, interdisciplinary program. Students are able to choose several options to customize the program to meet their future goals. Students choose from six thematic areas (peace, conflict and human rights; international economics and development; global resources and environment; international communication and media; global studies in gender; and global health) and five options for geographic areas (Africa/Middle East, Asia, Latin America, Russia/Eastern Europe and Western Europe).

General Studies

The general studies major enables students to take a wide variety of courses from many departments, which can lead to a well-rounded liberal arts education. The major is not directed toward any particular vocation or certification. Instead, the emphasis of this major is on distribution rather than concentration. Each general studies major is encouraged to develop a program of study according to his/her own needs, interests and career goals. The student decides the selection of courses.