Environmental Resource Management

Environmental Resource Management

Looking for a career that doesn’t tie you to an office? The environmental resource management program prepares students for a variety of roles in the “outdoor environment.” Be ready for career options in management-oriented corporate, government and non-profit organizations related to natural resources, environmental systems and sustainable development.

The program also builds students’ abilities to reach out beyond the campus limits to engage in those more encompassing issues of human social, political and economic sustainability in local, regional, national and international environmental arenas. The ERM major is a collaboration among four departments (biology, geography, earth and environmental science and recreation, tourism and community services) from across the UNI campus which enables it to offer a non-departmental interdisciplinary alternative to other programs currently offered at UNI.

The ERM B.A. program offers four focus areas from which students may choose:

Ecosystems:  The ecosystem management focus is intended for students who are most interested in developing expertise in managing biological (e.g., forest, prairie, desert, salt- and freshwater) systems.

Geosystems:  The geosystem management focus is intended for students who are most interested in developing expertise in the management of geomorphic (riverine, glacial, eolian) and geologic systems.

Resource Administration: This focus is intended for students who are most interested in positions dealing with non-profit agencies, recreation and human services and tourism.

Environmental Compliance:  This focus is intended for students who seek positions in environmental agencies that oversee how well private companies and public entities comply with existing environmental regulations.

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If you’ve taken courses at a two- or four-year institution other than UNI and want to get an idea of what courses will transfer, check out our Transfer Plan-It tool. 


Hartman Reserve

There are many opportunities for students outside the classroom to gain additional skills through volunteering or interning with Hartman Reserve Nature Center. Example experiences include outdoor education and STEM program facilitation, event planning or wildlife monitoring.

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Cross-Discipline Approach

The ERM major combines coursework from three of the four colleges at UNI, forming a well-rounded program that draws from a variety of disciplines to prepare students for their careers.

Wind Farm
Compatible Certifications

UNI has several certificate programs that would enhance a major in ERM, such as GIS and cartography, sustainability, tourism, outdoor recreation, nonprofit management, environmental health and public history.


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