Earth Science Teaching

Earth Science Teaching

Do you enjoy learning about the Earth, and the processes that take place on it? Do you want to delve deeper into subjects like geology, astronomy and meteorology? If so, the Earth Science teaching program at the University of Northern Iowa is the perfect place to get started.


A degree in Earth Science teaching will prepare you for success inside and outside of the classroom by giving you the confidence, skills, and experience necessary to teach Earth Science classes at the secondary level. Students who obtain an Earth Science teaching degree will be well versed in all areas of the Earth Sciences, such as geology, meteorology, and astronomy. Students will also have the opportunity to explore other areas including environmental studies and oceanography. The Earth Science teaching program at UNI also allows students to add endorsements in other areas such as Chemistry, Physics, and Biology teaching with only a few additional courses.


What sets science education at the University of Northern Iowa apart from every other institution in the state is the fact that classes are taught by science faculty with educational expertise, who work specifically with science teaching majors. In addition, all of the secondary science teaching majors are housed within science departments. This makes for a seamless integration of science content and teaching methods, especially those specific to science teaching and supported by current research.


If you are a transfer student, science courses you should complete include General Chemistry I, General Physics I and any Earth Science courses, such as geology, astronomy and meteorology. Students should also complete any math course that satisfies the UNI General Education requirements. In addition, it's helpful for students to complete the equivalent of the Level 1 step of the Professional Sequence, as UNI will allow that to be transferred.


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Field Experience

As an Earth Science Teaching  major, you will have multiple field experiences in which you will explore, define and sharpen your skills as a future classroom teacher.  Your teaching experience will be capped off with student teaching which can be done in Iowa, throughout the United States, or overseas

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Educator Prep

UNI’s Educator preparation programs provide more than 700 hours of hands-on classroom experience before graduation. This is done through more than 350 school district partnerships, 9 Iowa student teaching centers, and one out of state & international student teaching center that coordinates all out of state and international student teaching placements.

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Scholarship Opportunities

Apart from the UNI Scholarship Application that all students are encouraged to fill out, there are many options for earth science students to complete and receive scholarships. For more information on the scholarship opportunities, visit​.


96% of last year's UNI graduates are employed or continuing their education


Earth Science Teacher


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