Chemistry Teaching

Chemistry Teaching

The demand for qualified chemistry teachers is high, and continues to rise. Here at the University of Northern Iowa, we have a strong commitment to teacher training, and a top-notch program for science education.


What sets science education at the University of Northern Iowa apart from every other institution in the state is the fact that classes are taught by science faculty with educational expertise, who work specifically with science teaching majors. In addition, all of the secondary science teaching majors are housed within science departments. This makes for a seamless integration of science content and teaching methods, especially those specific to science teaching and supported by current research.


A degree in chemistry teaching will prepare you for success by giving you the confidence, skills, experience and certification necessary to teach at the high school level.


Students majoring in chemistry teaching will not only take an array of science courses, but they’ll also learn best teaching practices, and how to be a leader in the classroom. With innovative programs offering hands-on training through field experiences and undergraduate research, the chemistry teaching major provides strong foundations and real world skills to its graduates.


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Field Experience

As a chemistry education major, you will have three field experiences in which you will explore, define and sharpen your skills as a future classroom teacher.  Your teaching experience will be capped off with student teaching which can be done in Iowa, throughout the United States or overseas.

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Educator Prep

Students in UNI’s educator preparation programs acquire more than 700 hours of hands-on classroom experience before graduation. This is done through more than 350 school district partnerships, 9 Iowa student teaching centers, and one out of state & international student teaching center that coordinates all out of state and international student teaching placements.

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The American Chemical Society Student Affiliate group is active at UNI. The group has been recognized with an outstanding chapter award by the national organization twice in recent years. 


96% of last year's UNI graduates are employed or continuing their education


Chemistry Teacher

Lab Tech


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